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Oct. 5th, 2009 | 08:45 pm
mood: giddy giddy
music: Peter Pan - 小甜甜

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Nov. 30th, 2008 | 07:58 pm
mood: sore sore

As you know, or not, I don't normally post here.
But for the sake of.. a more active profile, I will come up with a random post of.. my current drama watching list!
You can view my regular blog @ www.xanga.com/immabiteyuh
Okay so I know I meant to use this for reviews and such, but I haven't found much time to do some..
I'll try as soon as I find time.. and feel like it!

Hong Kong Dramas:

Kung-Fu Soccer (rewatching; episode 10)
Last One Standing (episode 7)
The Devil's Disciple (episode 11)
Moonlight Resonance (finished when last episode was out)

I haven't actually started any new HK dramas cos I can't seem to find a interesting one.. I did start episode on of The Gem Of Life, but I never continued. I'm actually more focused on finishing all the Taiwanese dramas I've started.

Taiwanese Dramas:
Pi Li MIT [Mysterious Incredible Terminator//The Clue Collector] (episode 4 subbed&un-subbed)
Miss No Good (episode 14.3)
Hot Shot (episode 9)
Rolling Love (episode 5)
X-Family (episode 5)
Hana Kimi (episode 7)
Brown Sugar Macchiato (finished today! need to rewatch in subs)
Romantic Princess (finished.. about a month or two ago?)

[listed in order of priority] Yeah, I know I'm quite slow at all these Taiwanese dramas.. But I just RECENTLY got more into Taiwanese entertainment, because before I couldn't understand a word (I don't watch/listen to dramas/music in languages I don't understand), and decided its time I enhance my n00b Mandarin and learn from watching these awesome celebrities on these dramas (:

Currently Awaiting:
Superstar Express [爱就宅一起] -Rainie Yang, Jiro Wang, George Hu
Momo Love [Tao Hua Ai Wu Di//桃花愛無敵] -Arron Yan (<3), Gui Gui, Ah Ben

Need To Watch:
Brown Sugar Chilvalries
Smiling Pasta
Bull Fighting
Devil Besides You

Yeah, I am quite slow, don't blame me! haha, but as soon as I clear more of the dramas above, I'll get a head start, that is, if Superstar Express and Momo Love don't air in the process, cos those are priority!

Okay I'm done for the day!  Visit me on my Xanga is you want to know more about me ^__^


Oct. 6th, 2008 | 12:01 am
mood: angry angry
music: the crickets chirping outside

eeeep! I haven't used my livejournal in awhile, well just active in communities, but I haven't really posted in here.
I've been too lazy & busy to do any reviews... =X
but I don't really plan on using livejournal for actual blogging because I'm already using xanga...
I tried selling my Dylan Kuo CD & EEG 3rd Anniversary CD but no one seems to want them D:
I'll try my best to come up with another review...
but for now I'll be using this for communities!


Jan. 22nd, 2008 | 04:29 pm

okay i have two CDs / DVDs i want to get rid of
kekeke they're in nearly perfect condition
meaning that the discs aren't scratched, but the plastic is ripped off

first i have the Alan Kuo Together CD + DVD
and this is especially new, not listened to ever, just plastic removed


and next i have the EEG 3rd Year Anniversary Charity Show CD
this only contains the music inside the show, NOT a VCD or DVD
only listened to once and i'm pretty sure there isn't any scratches
comes with a mini photobook attached to the cover


the covers are exactly like this however, my camera isn't working so i can't post any pictures of the actual items..
i am selling the Dylan CD + DVD for $17 USD
and the EEG CD for $21 USD
these prices are less than yesasia.. so hopefully you'll purchase them?
uhm.. cash only and once received i can send to you, but you'll have to add shipping
comment for email address if interested :D